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About Sander

Sander is living in Stavanger on the Westcoast of Norway. Originally from the Netherlands he moved to Norway after completing a master’s degree in civil engineering.  Living in Norway Sander developed a deep passion for nature which is abundant in Norway. Being outside in the beautiful Norwegian nature, exploring and experiencing has led Sander on a journey of transformation into the person he is today. 

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Sander is the initiator and owner of Retreat Norway. His main driver is to share the Norwegian nature experience with others. As guide and organiser Sander is a calm and open person. Together with his team, he creates a safe and relaxing environment where you can be yourself and unwind.



Sander’s formal background includes:

  • Tai Chi and Chi Gong instructor

  • Certified Yoga and Meditation instructor at Yoga Alliance 

  • Experienced hiker and certified mountain guide at the Norwegian hiking association (DNT)


See you in Norway


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